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The Episode stories My Celebrity Husband, My Celebrity Parents, and Right Time Wrong Guy written by Maridy Q. Her Instagram is @maridywrites_episode and @thebigapplegirl. Maridy has a blog called The Big Apple Girl (thebigapplegirl.com) which she's known for since 2010. Maridy started publishing stories in 2017 with her first story My Celebrity Husband that gained 331,000 reads on the Episode app. Her second story My Celebrity Parents which was published in January 2020 gained 10,000 reads on the first season. She's currently writing her third story Right Time Wrong Guy coming this August 2020.


My Celebrity Husband : 2017-2020

My Celebrity Parents : 2020

Right Time Wrong Guy : 2020

All the Characters

Kyle Murray

Cher Anders Murray

Liam Ford

Hailey Rose Ford

Nick Murray

Jack Murray

Dream Murray

Jeremy Pryce

Trisha Anders



Philip Pryce

Character Photos

My Celebrity Husband

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